South County Spring Classic presented by OV Toros FC

Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex Rules

$10 Parking Fee to park inside the complex. In and out privileges.

NO PARKING ALLOWED NEXT DOOR at the Aquatics Center or on Murphy Street – you will get towed! No alcohol, pets, smoking, or tailgating allowed in the complex


Tournament shall be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by US Club Soccer and as further modified herein.


Good sportsmanship is required of teams, officials, and spectators at all times

A coach may not enter the field of play except on a referee’s signal. Coaches, players, and spectators shall not harangue, harass, or attempt to distract players or referees. Offensive, insulting, and abusive language will not be tolerated. Additionally, at NO TIME should a spectator EVER enter the field of play. Coaches and managers are responsible for the conduct of their team’s players, parents, and other affiliated spectators. Breaking these rules will result in a warning, to be followed by ejection if the unacceptable behavior does not stop immediately. Appropriate disciplinary action will be determined by the Tournament Director. Any serious incidents due to out-of-control team members or spectators could result in the removal of the spectators from the sidelines, the removal of the responsible team from the tournament, and/or the forfeiture of all games.


US Club Soccer or USYS/CYSA or AYSO passes are required for all players and coach and coaches as described in tournament registration materials. In addition to being checked at the pre-tournament Online Check-in, these passes may be checked before or during a match.

For guest player limits please check the table in section 12. Max roster size – 22. Max number of players who can be dressed for any match – 18 (11v11), 16 (9v9), and 14 (7v7). For teams with rosters that are include more players than the maximum allowed, individual rosters per game with the proper number should be configured in Gotsport.

At each game, teams must have these documents available for inspection if required:

• Official Team roster

• Valid Player Passes. 2023/2024

• Medical release form for each player, with an original signature by a parent or guardian

• Guest/Loan forms for the guest player(s), if required


The teams’ age in this tournament is the 2023/2024 season age – Calendar Age Matrix.


Failure to check-in will result in an automatic disqualification (without refund of fees) from the Tournament. Tournament check-in will be performed ONLINE in the registration document.

Failure to complete Online check-in prior to the tournament start will results in 1 (one) point deduction.


Game cards will be generated by the tournament. Only players on the game cards will be allowed to play. Roster will be frozen on the Thursday night prior to the Event. Corrections or changes to a frozen roster may be allowed at the discretion of the Tournament Director, but must be made at least 45 minutes prior to the team’s first game, and a coach or team manager must come to the Tournament Headquarters for final approval.


7. TEAMS ACCEPTANCE AND PLACEMENT IN DIVISONS AND BRACKETS Teams will be accepted based on prior results/records. Teams’ placement in divisions and brackets is based on rankings and seeding as determined by the Tournament Director and the Tournament Committee. Specific Division applications are not accepted. Withdrawal due to disagreement with the placement or schedule will not entitle the team to any refund. Adjacent age groups may be grouped in the same division. Mixed levels may also be grouped in bigger divisions that will incorporate specific level Champions.

A minimum of 4 teams is required for a division to be played.

Championship games will be played for all, and 3rd place games will be played for divisions with a minimum of 8 teams. Divisions will only be bracketed if there are at least 4 teams.

Trophies are awarded for the winner of each division, as well as 1st and 2nd place medals


Points will be awarded to teams for pool play matches (same as group play or preliminary games) as follows: • 6 points for a win

• 3 points for a tie

• 0 points for a loss

• 1 point for each goal scored up to a maximum of 3 goals per game

• 1 point for winning teams who shutout their opponents (including a 0-0 tie)

• 8 points for the winning team in the event of a forfeit (1-0)

• 0 points for both teams if both teams forfeit

• 1 point will be deducted from the team’s total for each red card (ejection) issued to a player, coach, or manager


If teams have the same number of points at the end of pool play and this affects placement in later games, ties will be resolved using these criteria in the order shown below:

1. Head-to-head competition

2. Goal differential (goals scored less goals allowed) with a maximum GD of 3 per game)

3. Fewest goals allowed (maximum of 4 per game)

4. Most goals scored (maximum of 5 per game)

5. Most total shutouts

6. Fewest red card ejections

7. Fair play rating as defined on

8. Coin toss by the Tournament Director or member of the Tournament Committee at Tournament Headquarters.

Special note about potential 3-way ties

In order to easier resolve potentially hard-to-handle 3-way ties, if such a situation occurs, the GD, GA, and GF limits may be lifted.


In divisions with quarter-finals, semi-finals or any other pairing, criteria for team placement will be as specified in each division’s schedule. Teams that have already played each other in pool play will not play each other in these games (including quarter-finals and semi-finals) if avoidable. If required to prevent this situation, the re-pairing will match the highest-point qualifier with the lowest-point qualifier that it did not play in preliminary games (i.e. Only the lowest-point qualifiers will be swapped. Under no circumstances the top seeds (S1/S2 in Semis and S1-S4 in QFs will be paired in these games).



Teams will set up on the side of the field designated by field marshals, with spectators on the opposite side. Spectators are not allowed on the goal ends of the fields. Each team must have at least one properly credentialed adult present on the sidelines of each match.


The games shall be of the following durations:


The team listed first on the schedule for the preliminary round of games will be the Home Team. For Championship and 3rd Place games, the team with the highest total points of the paired teams will be the Home Team. If both teams have the same number of points, a coin toss by the Field Marshal/Referee will determine the Home Team. In the event that both teams have the same color jerseys, the Home Team will switch to alternate jerseys as determined by the referee. To simplify matters, we strongly suggest the Home Team wear a dark color and the visitor wear a light color.


All games will start at the scheduled time. Teams must available to report to the Field Marshal 30 minutes before each game for check in. If a team has not taken the field with at least seven/six/five players respectively for 11v11/9v9/7v7 game within 5 minutes of a scheduled game time, the game will be forfeited to the team with at least the required number of players in attendance. All preliminary games will be called not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the following game, regardless of the amount of time played up to that point. A game is “complete” upon completion of at least one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half. Final results will be based on the score at the time the game is called. Preliminary games can end in a tie.


Half Time will be exactly 5 minutes. The Tournament Director reserves the right to extend the half time under special circumstances. Field Marshals may alter the length of any game at their discretion. Except for Championship & 3rd Place Games, games tied at the end of regulation time will be recorded as ties.


Championship, Quarter-final, Semi-final, or 3rd place games that must produce a winner that end in a tie will go directly to penalty kicks. Both teams will take penalty kicks as described by FIFA until a winner is determined. For small-sided games, the number of PKs will be 3 instead of FIFA rules of 5. Only the players who are on the field at the end of the last overtime period may participate in the penalty kick shootout. Ties are an acceptable final outcome for all other games.


Tournament Officials may suspend and/or terminate games for reason. If a game is terminated, the game may be resumed at the discretion of Tournament officials, but is subject to ending five (5) minutes prior to the next scheduled game start. If a game is terminated due to field issues, or due to the serious injury of a player, play may be resumed at the discretion of the Tournament officials.

Tournament officials may also conclude the game, require completion of the game, or utilize penalty kicks to determine the winner of the game, depending upon the circumstance. If in the opinion of Tournament officials, a game must be terminated due to the serious or violent misconduct of players, coaches, or spectators; the offending team may be immediately suspended from further play and all remaining games. All previous points earned remain as played. Additionally, the home league, State Association and/or US Club will be contacted as appropriate.

Delays of game will only be allowed for an injury to a player that is unable to be moved from the field and/or requiring professional medical attention. Primary regard will be to the safety of the injured player. The delay will result in appropriate time being added to the full game time, based on the judgment of the referee. Preliminary games shall not be extended to affect game start of the next game as described herein. If more than a quarter of preliminary game cannot be completed due to a serious injury suspending game play, the game shall be determined by penalty kicks.


Unlimited substitutions during a game are allowed at the discretion of the referee:

• Prior to any restart

Excessive substitution attempts will be disallowed by the referee.


The tournament will follow the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives rules except for NO HEADING RULE WILL APPLY to all small sided games. For 7v7 games referee can permit another throw-in if first throw was done incorrectly. In addition, the tie-breakers PKs will be limited to 3 (vs. 5 for 11v11 games)


A player, parent or coach who has been ejected in a single game shall not return for that game and will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. Ejections will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and may result in a more severe penalty, including additional game suspensions in the tournament and potentially contacting of club, league, and playing association for additional penalties. Fighting by players, violent conduct or harassment of referees by players, coaches, parents or spectators will be considered serious misconduct.

Each ejection will result in a cumulative deduction from the team’s tournament points. Ejection of a player, coach, or a team-affiliated spectator will result in a 1-point deduction from the team’s tournament points.


Game conduct is under the total jurisdiction of the referee. The tournament will not overrule a referee’s decision.


All game results will be considered final. No protests will be allowed.


All teams that forfeit will have the game(s) scored a 0-1 loss. The winner will be awarded eight (8) tournament points (six for the win, one for 1 goal and one for a shutout). Teams failing to report ready to play within five minutes of the scheduled kick off time will forfeit. The tournament has no financial responsibility to compensate a team whose opponent forfeits.



Game balls will be provided by the Home Team and are subject to Referee approval.

• All balls for U8-U12 will be size 4.

• All balls for U13 and older will be size 5.


The following restrictions will apply:

a. CLEATS - Players shall only wear soccer cleats or turf field shoes. No metal studs are allowed on turf fields. b. SHINGUARDS – Shin guards are required for all games. They must be worn properly and shall be professionally manufactured and unaltered. Shin guards must cover a minimum ¾ of the shin, but they do not have to be longer than 10”. The shin runs from the ankle to the knee. Players wearing shin guards that are too short will not be allowed to play.

c. CASTS and SPLINTS - All players, coaches, parents, and referees are required to take reasonable precautions concerning player safety. This includes preventing players from wearing any equipment or device that is dangerous to themselves or others. Dangerous equipment and devices include, but are not limited to, orthopedic casts, air splints, or metal splints. Players wearing any exposed dangerous equipment or device including orthopedic casts, air splints, or metal splints, shall not be eligible to participate in any tournament game.

d. BRACES - It is strongly recommended for safety reasons that a player not wear a limb brace during tournament play. A brace may be allowed at discretion of the referee if, in his/her opinion, it would not pose a danger to any players. The brace must be properly covered for the entire match. Elastic-type supports without any metal, carbon fiber, and hard plastic or like devices are permitted, provided the referee does not deem the support to be potentially harmful to other players.

e. EYEGLASSES - Players who must wear eyeglasses are encouraged to wear sports goggles. Any glasses worn must be safe, with unbreakable lenses and frames made of unbreakable plastic or sturdy metal.

f. JEWELRY - Except for Medical Alert Warning Bracelets (which are to be taped as necessary), absolutely no jewelry may be worn while participating in any tournament play.



There are specific rules to safeguard the life of these fields. The rules are typically posted at the entrance to the fields. No food will be allowed onto the fields, particularly seeds or any kind or gum as these are especially harmful. Please ensure that your team and their parents are aware of these restrictions and guidelines. Tournament staff will be observing that these rules are followed. Anyone caught disregarding these rules can be ejected from the facility by tournament staff and/or the field marshals.


Alcoholic beverages at all tournament venues are prohibited, without exception.


Please respect the fields made available to the Tournament. At the conclusion of your games, please collect and dispose of all garbage generated by your team in trash receptacle or in the garbage bag provided by the Tournament. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated



All injuries shall be reported to the Tournament Director or Field Marshal so that an Accident Report Form can be completed. In case of serious injury, Emergency Services (911) will be called if requested by the referee or the player’ coach, manager or parent. Tournament Headquarters will be notified of the medical emergency. First aid will be available at the venue, marked by a red banner with the traditional first aid logo.


In the event of inclement weather, winners will be decided based on tournament points earned up to then for those games that have been completed or begun, with tie breakers determined as described elsewhere in these rules.

In case of cancellation due to weather, tournament officials retain the right to keep up to one-third (1/3) of the registration fee to cover expenses. There will be no make-up games due to weather.


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify these rules at any time prior to the start of the Tournament. Any rule changes will be announced via email to the contacts for the teams. Any situation not covered by these rules will be resolved by the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee may alter these rules as necessary, and such changes will be final and no appeal will be accepted.


Withdrawal request must be made in writing and addressed to the Tournament Director.

Withdrawal penalties will be posted on the Website and range from a $100 Administrative Fee to loss of the entire registration fee depending on the time of the request to withdraw.

Additional fees to register paid directly to Gotsport are not under the purview of the Tournament, and are non-refundable. Late applications will be assessed a $75 late application penalty.


The Tournament Committee will make all other determinations