Signing Up For Games

A referee is required to be a member of ArbiterSports, the online game scheduling system.  Click Here to access the ArbiterSports site.

Click Here to create a District 2 Master Arbiter account.

At the end of the registration process, be certain to select Orchard Valley (OV) as a league within which you wish to officiate games.  OVYSL’s Referee Assignor will have the option to either accept or deny a referee’s request to officiate games for OVYSL.

All referees will be ranked by OVYSL’s Referee Assignor, according to OYYSL’s Standards of Ranking.  Each referee’s ranking is documented in OVYSL’s Arbiter account.  Rankings range from 100 to 800, with 100 being the highest.  Referees with zero to little working experience will begin at level 800 and have the ability to increase their ranking to level 100 by working games as Center and Assistant Referee.  Each position is ranked separately.

Experienced referees, new to OVYSL, are required to email the Referee Assignor and the Program Director, providing detailed information about past experience, such that a ranking can be determined.

All approved and scheduled games are entered into Arbiter as soon as they become available.  Referees will be notified via email by OVYSL’s Referee Assignor when games become available in Arbiter.

Approximately 90% of the games are self-assigned.  OVYSL’s Referee Assignor will assign all games that require a higher level referee, due to the game’s complexity and level. 

Referees only have visibility to games for which their rank qualifies them and games that have available positions to be filled.  If a referee does not see games, one of the above conditions must apply.

Referees may be limited as to how many games they will be able to self-assign per day.

Once you have signed-up for a game, check the field location carefully and allow time for traveling between field locations, if you have sign-up for more than one game on a given day.


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