Red Card and Send Off Process

Document the following information, as soon as the game is completed, such that you are able to accurately and fully report the Red Card or Send Off, which will be done at a later time:

Person’s first and last name

Person’s position with the team (player or team official)

Player jersey number

Playing time when the person was sent off

For a player, document the Player ID number, displayed on the front of the player pass

The reason for the send off

Your Assistant Referees’ information (name and email)

All Red Cards issued to players or substitute players and all “Send-Off” of team officials (coach, assistant coach, team manager, team trainer) must be reported within 24 hours of the time that the game was completed.  Submit one report for each person that was sent off.

Click Here to Report all CYSA send offs.

**Click Here for Instructions on How to Complete the New CCSL Send-off Process**

Click Here to Report all Norcal send offs.


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