How to Get Paid

Referee payments will be made when games are completed and reported.  It is the Center Referee’s responsibility to complete a game report in Arbiter, for each game. This game report must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, of the same weekend that the game was played.  Refer to the FAQ Section for tips on completing and submitting a game report in Arbiter.  The Center Referee’s report must indicate whether each of the Assistant Referees were present at the game.  Failure to complete and submit a game report results in the Center Referee not receiving payment.

OVYSL makes referee payments directly to each referee’s RefPay account, which is part of an on-line banking system.  Every referee is required to have a RefPay account.  Click Here to create a RefPay account.  Upon creation of an account, please make certain to select the option to connect this new account to your Arbiter account.  Since Arbiter and RefPay are owned by the same company, the linking is done right away and seamlessly.  Once the referee’s payment has been deposited to the referee’s RefPay account, it can be transferred to any bank account at no charge.

Payments to referees are made once every two weeks.  On the Monday, following the second weekend of completed games, the Referee Assignor submits a paysheet to OVYSL’s President, for approval, such that payments can be made.  Upon receiving approval, the Referee Assignor initiates payments to the RefPay accounts for all the referees listed on the approved paysheet.


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