Game Management Requirements

These supplemental required processes will assist referee teams to manage games properly, thereby allowing for more enjoyable games.

All Center Referees and Assistant Referee’s must have a Referee Note Card for each game and must record all major events (goals scored, yellow cards issued, red cards issues, coaches sent off) on that card.  These Note Cards should be kept for the entire season.  Click Here to view a professional Note Card that can be printed and cut, for games.

Pre-game meetings are very important to the referee team, especially if the referee team has not worked together in the past.  An Assistant Referee must know specifically what the Center Referee expects them to do, in addition to the standard Assistant Referee requirements.  Click Here to view a sample of suggested points to cover in a pregame meeting.

The Home Team must provide the Center Referee with three copies of the Game Card.  A “Primary” game card will be used to check-in both teams.  During check-in, verify that there are no duplicated player numbers.  The “Primary” game card will also be used for recording all major events (goals scored, yellow cards issued, red cards issues, coaches sent off). 

At the conclusion of the game, record the final scores on all three Game Cards.  The Home coach, the Away coach, the Center Referee and the 2 Assistant Referees must sign all three copies of the game cards.  Deliver one “Secondary” game card to each coach.  The Center Referee retains the “Primary” game card as a record, until one week past the end of the season. 

Referees must manage the coaches, thereby allowing only team officials with passes on the team side of the field, keeping them in their individual technical area.  In addition, not allowing teams to be too far from the center line, where it would make substitution procedures hard to manage and also putting the team closer to Penalty Area.

Always use ASK-TELL-SEND procedures to deal with difficult coaches.  Three strikes…They’re out!  A coach that is completely out of control can be dismissed on the first offense.

Control player substitutions by letting the teams know what is expected of them.  Instruct AR1 to manage the subs if he/she is close enough to halfway line.  Subs must be ready to go at the half way line.

Verify that the player exiting the field is completely off the field, prior to allowing the substitute to enter the field.  Do not be concerned about time.  Time can be added if the team or players were wasting time.

Substitutes can only enter at halfway line, although players leaving the field for a sub can leave from any point on the field.

It is not the referee’s job to manage the parents.  However, before the start of the game, make certain that spectators are sitting back far enough for the AR2 to be able to run back-and-forth without tripping on legs, chairs or umbrellas.

Instruct the AR2 at the pregame meeting to let you know if he/she is being hassled by parents.  If so, find out if it is a Home or an Away parent.  At the next stoppage, instruct the appropriate coach to have a talk with the parent(s) to control themselves or the coach will be dismissed.


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