Play Thru League Information:

Play Thru League Information:

All U11 - U14 players will play in the Play Thru League.  Teams in the Play Thru League will play other teams that are outside of OVYSL, and therefore, the players are required to travel to games.  Fifty percent of the season games will be played in Morgan Hill and the other fifty percent of the season games can be played anywhere within the San Benito, Monterey and Santa Clara Counties. 

Game Days: While we attempt to schedule games on Saturdays, some Play Thru games may be scheduled on Sundays due to field availability. 

Register Early:  Play Thru rosters (for age groups U11 – U14) will close when they reach their maximum capacity.  Play Thru rosters, for any of the age groups, can be at maximum capacity (and therefore closed), even when online registration remains open.  Therefore it is important to register early on.  If a Play Thru player registers online, but the roster is closed, the player will be notified as such, shortly after practices begin and a full refund of the registration fee will be granted at that time.  This notification and refund can only take place after all of the player movement and roster building activities are complete, and this process takes a number of weeks.

Friend and Coach Requests:  Each player can request a coach (please enter coach's first and last name).   Each player can request up to two friends.  List the friends’ names (first and last), in order of preference, as only one will be considered.  If you have a carpool arrangement, list the friend’s name in the friend request and indicate “carpool”.  It would be advantageous for BOTH carpool participants to request each other as “carpool” friends (clearly indicated) and to register early on.  ‘Coach’ and ‘Friend’ requests are granted on a First Come-First Serve Basis, using the date and time of online registration, so it is advantageous to register early on.  Requests are NOT guaranteed, but a conscientious effort will be made to grant them.  Requests are limited by the requirement that the rosters within each age group/gender are of equal size.  All requests must be entered during online registration. 

No registration requests will be granted for late registrations.  

Player Pass Pictures:  For all Play Thru players, coaches will be requesting or taking a picture, when practices begin.  The picture must be 1.5” X 1”, must be a front facing head shot, and the player shall not be wearing a hat or glasses.  You have the option to upload a picture during the registration process, although it is not mandatory. 

Do not mail pictures to OVYSL’s Registrar, as they will not be forwarded to the coach.

1601 Forms are no longer required for Play Thru players.


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