U10 Buddy Requests

U10 Buddy Requests: 

Under most circumstances, U10 players can be granted ‘One Mutual Buddy’ request, if the request is made according to the process below.

Parents must coordinate the mutual buddy request with one another, in advance of registration:

  • Confirm that ‘buddy’ is in the same age group.
  • Confirm that ‘buddy’ will register before the online system closes, because there will not be a second opportunity to select a different buddy or to manually ask for a buddy, outside of the initial online registration process
  • Confirm that ‘buddy’ knows that he/she must request your player, specifically, during online registration

The online registration process:

  • Mutual Buddy request must be made during online registration
  • Both players must request each other, during online registration.  Player A must request Player B and Player B must request Player A
  • Request only one buddy.  Do not request multiple buddies, as only the first request will be considered, under any circumstances.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Buddy request must include buddy’s first and last name
  • If a mutual request was not entered during online registration, buddies will not be connected under any circumstances.
  • Requests to change a buddy, after the online registration process has been completed, will not be granted
  • Players that request a buddy that has not registered or is in a different age group will not get a buddy on the team 

Sibling Placements May Impact Buddy Requests:

  • Sibling placements take priority over buddy requests.  Siblings will be placed together (according to age and gender guidelines), even when a ‘sibling’ request is not indicated during registration. 
  • When siblings are placed together, and a corresponding buddy request creates a situation whereby the roster cannot be balanced by age, then the buddy request will not be granted, under any circumstances.   
  • For the U10 age group, there is a slight possibility that when your player is placed with a sibling, OV may not be able to grant the buddy request.
  • For the U10 age groups, it is nearly impossible to grant buddy requests, when twin or triplet siblings are placed together.


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