NEW for Winter: 2022/23 Recreational program

2022/23 Winter Recreational program

OV Toros FC is providing a Winter recreational program for all recreational players. This program will have a practice with a Toros Coach and then a game day, both being on the weekday. Toros coaches will be leading the game days and running the fields for all players.

Spaces are limited per age group, so do not hesitate to register.


Program info

Dates - November 28th - December 16th, & January 2nd - February 17th  (10 week program)

Timings - See program info below

Program fee - $300

Timings - 2 sessions a week (practice and game):

U6 Boys (2017/18) - Monday 4-4.55pm and Thursday 4-4.55pm

U6 Girls (2017/18) - Tuesday 4-4.55pm and Friday 4-4.55pm

U8 Boys (2015/16) - Monday 5-5.55pm and Thursdays 5-5.55pm


U8 Boys (2015/16) - Wednesday 4-4.55pm and Thursday 6-6.55pm

U8 Girls  (2015/16) - Tuesday 5-5.55pm and Friday 5-5.55pm

U8 Girls (2015/16) - Wednesday 5-5.55pm and Friday 6-6.55pm

U10 Boys (2013/14) - Monday 6-6.55pm and Thursday 7-7.55pm 

U10 Girls (2013/14) - Tuesday 6-6.55pm and Friday 7-7.55pm

U12/U14 Boys (2009 to 2012) - Monday 7-7.55pm and Wednesday 7-7.55pm

U12/U14 Girls (2009 to 2012) - Tuesday 7-7.55pm and Wednesday 6-6.55pm

Thank you!

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