Live Scan Background Check

~Mandatory, One Time Only and Free of Charge~

Requirements to get started as a NEW recreational or NEW competitive coach, assistant coach, trainer, or team manager in Orchard Valley Youth Soccer League:

These are new (ONE TIME ONLY) requirements as of June 1, 2013, for all adults in an official role with OVYSL’s youth.  All coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and team managers over the age of 18 must complete two simple requirements BEFORE engaging with the teamOnce these two requirements are completed, you will not be required to go through this process again in any future seasons.  Electronic fingerprinting only takes approximately five minutes.

Persons under the age of 18 are not required to complete the Live Scan, but ARE REQUIRED to complete and submit the CYSA Minor Team Official Registration and Risk Management Disclosure Form (1660 Form).

1) Live Scan Background Check: All coaches, assistant coaches, trainers,and other adult team staff are required to complete a free Live Scan Background Check.
2) All coaches and team staff members will also be required to complete an online application. The application is located on the "Player Registration" page, under "Select Registration Types(s)". Once you have logged into the system, please follow the prompts to register as a "Coach/Admin". 
After completing the Official Registration And Risk Management Disclosure Form online and the background check requirement, you may begin engaging with your teams.
The Live Scan Background check is free and fast and only needs to be completed ONE TIME for OVYSL.  All new recreational and competitive coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and team managers are required to submit a background check with the California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) using the Capital Live Scan Fingerprint process.  This background check is a process that checks for Criminal Activities on file against the applicant. Even if you have been previously fingerprinted, you must complete this process again for Orchard Valley Youth Soccer League to meet a new CYSA requirement.
Although there are many other organizations that process background and identification LiveScan checks, the LiveScan location that is approved on OVYSL’s website is the only location that will accept OVYSL’s coaches at no charge, and is the only location that is affiliated and linked with the Capital LiveScan Company.  The Capital LiveScan Company manages the ongoing monitoring, which is a CYSA mandate and also enables OVYSL coaches to only have to do this one time.
To complete this requirement follow the instructions below:
1. Download, print, and complete the Capital Live Scan Request Form.  Click Here for the Live Scan Form.  You must use the form downloaded here, because it designates specifically that you will be working within the Orchard Valley Youth Soccer League.  Be sure that the name on your ID and the name on the Live Scan Form are EXACTLY the same.
2. Bring the completed Capital Live Scan Request Form, along with a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, out-of-state driver's license, California ID card, or photo ID from the Mexican Consulate to the Capital Live Scan location listed below.
Morgan Hill:
Postal Annex
409 Tennant Station
Morgan Hill, Ca 95037
For an expanded region list of Walk-in locations visit the Capital Live Scan site Here 
You can find more information about the CYSA Live Scan requirement Here 


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