Scrimmage Information

Scrimmage fields are available on a limited basis

OV Toros FC has created a web-based Scrimmage Request Form. ALL scrimmage requests MUST be made using this form. Email and phone requests will not be considered or receive a response. The opposing team is not authorized to submit a scrimmage request, and therefore, only the OV Toros FC team can submit the scrimmage request. 

Prior to submitting a scrimmage request, coaches must confirm that all of the players on the opposing team have current CYSA or US Club insurance, requiring that they have a valid player pass from either one of the organizations.

Upon receiving a game time and a location for your scrimmage, you MUST re-confirm with OV’s scheduler, within 24 hours, that you will (with certainty) use the field for a scrimmage on that date and at that time.

Home and Away teams must follow the Field Rules, during all scrimmages.  Click Here for Field Rules.

Fields are very limited. If your team has been granted a scrimmage, that has been cancelled, you must notify OV’s scheduler immediately. Keep in mind that the scrimmage may not be rescheduled, so do not cancel scrimmages unless necessary. If your team cancels a scrimmage at the last minute, or chooses not to notify OV’s scheduler of a cancelled scrimmage, your team will not be granted scrimmage fields in the future.

To request a scrimmage, complete and submit the form below. The listed contact will be notified by OV’s Game Scheduler, no later than four days from the time that the request was submitted.  If not any of the requested scrimmage dates/times are available, you will be notified via email and you are required to submit a new scrimmage request for additional dates/times. Therefore, it is advantageous to initially enter three date/time options.

If you are having any trouble loading or seeing the change request form below, click here.



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