Competitive Program Scholarship Policy

OVYSL’s goal is to grant scholarships to those players who would ordinarily not be able to participate in soccer, due to financial circumstances/hardships.  When a player requests a scholarship that is not needed, it takes that opportunity away from another player who is in need of financial assistance, in order to participate. 

We are asking coaches and managers to only submit a scholarship application for those families/players that are requesting assistance and that are in need of financial assistance in order for the player to be able to participate.  Thereby, we are asking coaches not to offer scholarship applications to players that do not specifically ask for one.  Each parent/guardian that is requesting a scholarship is required to complete a Competitive Scholarship Application.

All application questions must be answered completely and the application must be signed by the parent/guardian and the coach.  OVYSL reserves the right to verify the income amount stated on the application and may request additional supporting documentation from an applicant, such as their tax returns.

OVYSL reserves the right to deny a scholarship, since the League no longer guarantees a total of two scholarships per team.  In addition, there is a maximum of two scholarships per team, and only under very special and proven circumstances will the League grant a third scholarship to a player whose team already has received the maximum.

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If a coach is submitting two or less scholarships:  The completed and signed scholarship application, along with the payment of 50% of the season’s standard registration fee (rounded up to the nearest $5) shall be included in the Registration Packet, submitted to OV’s Registrar.  If a scholarship is denied, the coach will be informed that the player will be required to pay the full registration fee. 

If a coach is submitting more than two scholarships:  All applications (the total number being submitted by that team) need to be approved prior to submitting them in the registration packet.  Those applications will be reviewed and approved/denied by the League VP.  Submit applications to Caroline Hamilton at  Submit all applications together, such that they can all be reviewed together, indicating “Scholarship Application” in the subject of the email.  The League VP will notify the coach and OV’s Registrar with approval/denial information.

It is important to note that OV will no longer randomly approve additional (more than two) scholarships, without all that team’s applications in hand.  We do realize that this process may encumber the registration process to some degree.  The approval process can take up to 5 days.

There will be NO scholarships offered when registering a dual league player.


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